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Jio’s latest offer – set your name caller tune for free.

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Hello BindassLooter, The arrival of Jio has created a stir in the market, earlier you had to pay per month for the caller tune, but now Jio has served this service for free, this is also to set the caller tune in your name absolutely free.


Right now, this service is being provided for free, so follow the steps given below and activate Caller Tune in your jio number for free.

Reliance Jio has brought a new offer, in that offer for free, you can now set the caller tunes of your name. Yes, you have read it right before today, you will not know about this offer but today we will tell how to set this caller tune for free on your live number.

Step 1:

First of all, type ALBUM NAME TUNES on the number 56789 and send it.

Step 2:

All 10 Name Shows

Then a message will appear on the same number, it will be given 10 names, if it does not have your name, then SEND by typing MORE and the new 10 names will come.

Step 3:

More 10 Names Shows

Currently, 100 such names have been given by Jio. As soon as you get your name, then send it by writing the number written in front of the name.

Name selected

Step 4:


Type 1 and send it.

Send Confirmation Using Y.

A message will come on 51893XXXX.

Step 5:

Send Confirmation Using Y.

Then send the message by typing Y on the number on which the message has been sent and the caller tune will start on your number in a while.

Now your caller tune has become active in your jio number, enjoy it for free.

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Have a nice day.


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